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Test and Procedures

Our specialists will be able to perform various procedures and tests to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Procedures performed at the clinic include endoscopic examinations of the esophagus, stomach, small and large bowel. Hermorrhoid ligation and colorectal procedures to treat skin tags, abscesses, fistula’s, fissures, and warts, are also offered at the clinic.

On the first visit patients will be asked to discuss their general health and previous medical history. Prior to seeing the doctor patients are asked to complete a medical questionairre. It is advised that patients bring a list of current medications and drug allergies to assist in completing the questionairre. Patients can access a copy of the Medical Assessment to complete prior to arriving for their appointment.

Additional diagnostic procedures such as blood tests, x-rays, or endoscopic examinations of the stomach (gastroscopy) or large intestine (colonoscopy) may be required on patients undergoing a complete evaluation. Please familiarize yourself with the special preparation instructions that will be necessary for patients undergoing a procedure.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment you must provide at least 3 business days notice or you will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee.